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Kel Sarabia (K)

Bored with the usual routine work as a Software Engineer and has a repetitive life inside a corporate cubicle. Kel took a leap of faith and work as an outworking with the optimism to work remotely while traveling from one place to another. He is the developer of and works as a freelancer providing software solutions to clients around the globe.

His soul continuously seeks adventure, places he’s never been to, gaining an innovative perspective, and feeling more alive.

He started to fell in love with photography a few years ago after seeing the sunset while in the middle of a boat ride going to the smallest active volcano in the ecosphere – Taal Lake. Since then, he dreamed of chasing the sunsets in every part of the world, hoping to find someone he can share the journey with.

Jhurie Restrivera (J)

A full time Rice Lover and Digital Creative. She a mixed blood of Filipino-Chinese, born in Laguna, raised in Cavite and occasionally based in Metro Manila, Jhurie has been a morning person, travelling across the 7,641 islands of the Philippines for over 20+ years. Exploring new places and going on an adventure has always been part of her. Her relentless desire to share and be a ray of sunshine to people constantly led her to greater heights.

Daylight Wanderer(s) started as her online dairy and now a Passion Project made with love and inspiration. Together, they will see the beauty in getting lost under the waves of sunlight and finding collective happiness together, they are the Daylight Wanderers.


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