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P eople love cafes beyond coffee, it is indeed not just the caffeine that keeps you coming back. The main item that we go to a cafe for is Michael’s drug of choice, caffeine. While I’m a coffee snob since I’m acidic, I do like to grab good cup of hot Chocolate to pair up Michael’s coffee and for a possible good flatlay haha!

Anyway, do you ever feel more productive in a café? According to a study by the University of Chicago:

“A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.”

Cafés provide the right amount of noise and activities that stimulates your brain. Better than being alone in an inaudible room. We can say that cafes is one of the best places to get the creative juices flowing.

This newest coffee shop for the mind and body that has one unique public library in Tagaytay – Bodhi Library & Café.

The word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now recognized as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”.

Almost a thousand books from the personal collection of the owner are available on hand. Some were donated by close friends of the owner which account for the variety of topics in this unusual library. There are rare books whose original publication dates to the 1900s, thus making it an Antiquarian bookstore.

Essentially, Bodhi Shop attracts those who seek an easier pathway towards their time to travel to their inner selves to find the perfection inherent in all human souls. They sell these items that are perfect for meditation.

Some popular items such as soaps made of pure essential oils, blended with goat’s milk and combined with herbs like fennel, cedar, patchouli, poppyseed, charcoal, and vinegar (which turns your body alkaline) are also available here.

Furthermore, you will also find nutritional foods – organic, raw, gluten-free and non-GMO superfoods -that you can sprinkle on cereals, ice cream or any food that lack the minerals, hormones, and enzymes needed for vitality and longevity.

Cavite is also known for its Pahimis Coffee in Amadeo and its Tablea, a local cocoa which is the main ingredient in producing chocolates. Bodhi Library & Café supports the growing coffee and chocolate industry of the province.


Bodhi Library & Café

Ultimately, Bodhi Library & Cafe is a solemn and relaxing place for anyone who needs serenity and enlightenment.

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