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"When things a bit chaotic that you just want to be in a state of soul searching or sadness. An escape for a few days is a good resolution for a self-desertion. "

This is our first time in Surigao del Norte.

C ame all the way from Surigao del Sur, we’ve crossed the boundaries of these provinces and reached the muddy port of Hayanggabon. We’ve caught our first sunrise in Surigao del Norte with a hard-boiled egg, hot coffee, and noodles while cruising the Islands of Bucas Grande.

Then we’ve reached this place where you can truly envelop yourself in a stunning environment. Where you can achieve a moment of solitude in an Instagram haven.

Welcome to Club Tara Resort.

Approaching the port, we were welcomed by every cottage that has its own lanai. Which looks out over the sea and can absolutely give you that luxurious pamper vibe. Club Tara harmonizes with the setting and picturesque panorama. Just when we got out of the boat we took the liberty to take good photos at the panoramic boardwalk leading to the reception of the Resort.

Also, this resort has the most adorable bell boy in the whole world. We were greeted by “Bongga” while waiting for our keys and whenever we’re outside our room he keeps everyone warm and accommodated.

We booked in the famous Jacuzzi Water Cottage were everyone on social media longs to have their Instagram worthy shots. The first thing we did after checking in was to see the bathtub and the terrace for the view. Everything is designed to provide an indulgent and relaxing ambiance. The cottage was perched on stilts right on the water, with a magnificent view of a natural phenomenon. 

Our bed was positioned right in front of the glass door going to the terrace so the following day, the view warmly greeted us. That would be one of the best morning views of our lives.

There are a few points that they could have improved on. First, a revamp of the rooms wouldn’t hurt. You will see that the appliance, interior, and exterior were aged already. It’s a little run down inside but they are currently doing some renovations. If you hate going to places that are overrun by tourists, Club Tara could be your sanctuary. A little escape to your vacation.

Meals were a wholesome gastronomic treat. The poolside bar can treat everyone to an appealing view of the pristine waters and green mountains that surrounds the resort. Living biodiversity.

Wi-Fi couldn’t reach the cottages and would only get within the reception area and dining area to get a WiFi connection. The signal is poor also so might as well enjoy your stay with a real conversation with your company or with mother earth.

Outdoor and water activities were also available at the resort which includes the kayaking, paddle boating, and snorkeling. Through these activities, you can roam around the area freely and can own an island for a day. These also can give you time to have silence and enjoy the sun and the rest of the beautiful creations.

When the world is too loud of the constant buzzing of social media notifications, ringing phones, and loud conversations. Inner silence is one of the keys that will lead us to stay focused on our aspirations and goals. Quiet your mind and go forth in the direction you truly want to go.


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What do you do when the world becomes too loud?

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