H ave you ever experienced a grandiose fascination about a place the moment you saw it with your own eyes? This short stretch of river has this magic to fascinates everyone gazing at its God-given beauty.

Hinatuan River was labeled by the locals “The Enchanted River” because of the majestic folklore entails to it. It is believed that spirits are watching over the river keeping its pristine waters and natural resources away from harm. Especially now that its magnificence is getting a lot of attention all over the world evolving the tourism industry of the Municipality of Hinatuan.


One of its majestic kind is that the saltwater inexplicably flows without any visible source. This body of water is where freshwater and saltwater of the Pacific Ocean meet.

The Hinatuan River is around 24m (80 feet) deep, and quite short just barely long enough to be considered a river. For such a very short river, Hinatuan River presents a remarkable highlight such as deep blue waters characteristic of the deeper parts of the sea.

A mystically clear blue body of water that seems to spring from nowhere

Since 2017, the local government of Hinatuan banned swimming in the main pool or the “deep area”. However, there are some designated swimming spots for tourists near the center of the river.

12 o’clock magic

We all know Disney’s Cinderella famous 12 midnight time where the magic fades; In the Enchanted river, they have their own version of 12 o’clock magic. It is when the enchanting fish feeding happens by the local fisherfolks of Hinatuan. Everyone will be requested to be out of the river before 12 noon and it’s when the Fisherfolks will start to set their own kind of natural magic show.

We were amazed by how the fisherman gracefully waves his hand. A different school of fish of various species suddenly appeared and came closer to the boat. The storytelling and playing the song specifically dedicated to Hinatuan Enchanted River concluded the jaw-dropping show.

We were so blessed to have this opportunity to witness another God’s masterpiece. But the town is presently facing environmental damages due to the heavy extraction of mineral resources in the area.  Hinatuan is blessed with marine resources thus, the livelihood of the folks is fishing aside from quarrying/mining. We’re hoping that our future generation can still witness the Enchanted River of Hinatuan.



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  • Tala Martinez says:

    Super ganda! And parang sarap ma-experience ng sariling version nila ng 12 o clock magic!

    • Daylight Wanderers says:

      Magandang Araw Ronalyn!
      You should definitely add Enchanted River of Hinatuan on your Travel Bucket List!
      Not to mention the beauty of Surigao del Sur!
      Our experience with the 12 o’clock magic is one for the books!
      We all miss traveling but for now, let us all stay healthy and safe!

      Soon We will travel again!

      – DW | J

  • Very enchanting indeed. The clear blue water is so inviting. Ang sarap siguru magbabad jan. 🌊

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