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T his is the El Cocinero restaurant by Chef Arnaldo that offers Mediterranean and Spanish dishes. It’s open even for the non-guests of La Bella Boutique Hotel. Chef Arnaldo Limeta is a native Batangueño who worked for 14 years in Ibiza, Spain where he developed his passion for cooking and authentic Ibicenca Cuisine. Paella was the way for him to be the great cook he is today. El Cocinero has 3 Branches, the first branch is situated at the heart of Nasugbu town proper the other one is among the busiest restaurants inside Molito in Alabang.

El Cocinero of La Bella has an outdoor alfresco dining area for guests to truly immerse in and feel the fresh Tagaytay breeze. El Cocinero is what Instagrammers daydreams are made of, whitewashed walls with blue doors and windows hues that define Greece are all over the restaurant. Vibrant Picasso-inspired paintings and murals were highlighted and complement the overall look of the place. The setup on the second floor is a mood.

El Cocinero’s crew knows the menu well and will crack to help you every moment you’re there—whether it’s a query about their offerings or just basically taking your photo, you can count on them. They have an excellent set of pizza, pasta, tapas and paellas, all at the reasonable prices. We absolutely like the bread and its assorted dips. In fact we have 2 rounds of appetizer and Balsamic vinegar is a wow! personal favorite for dips. We grabbed  pastas for our merienda and promised to get back for the Paella and a pair glass of wine for dinner but we enjoyed the movie  and forgot the time. We’ll surely not to miss it again soon! Vamonos!


El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo,
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Neogan, Tagaytay
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Tagaytay is home of the best culinary turfs in the South. Filipino, Korean, Japanese and Mexican is one of the common cuisines around the city. If you’re looking for fresh, tasty and Spanish cuisine then this is the place to go.


  • April Rodea says:

    Ang ganda! It looks like you’re in a different country.

    • Daylight Wanderers says:

      Hello April!
      Your comment made our Monday warm and loved!
      El Cocinero is indeed has its way of making us feel the vibrant western vibes!
      By the way we love your creative shots,
      Keep on creating!

      – DW | J

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