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K ojiro has been standing on the same spot for more than a decade already (Est. 2005). It is a homegrown Snack and Food house that aims to recreate Japanese Food with Asian Fusion. A hole-in-the-wall food place located in Silang, Cavite (From the town plaza, the snack house is just a few steps away). That is famous for its unique piping hot “Ramen” and its unbeatable snack is known to local the Silanguenos as “Koroke”.

Korokke (コロッケ) is a deep-fried dish related to a French dish, the croquette.

Koroke or Japanese Croquettes (PHP 12.00 Each, Minimum of 2 pcs per order) is a simple potato deep fried treat garnished with seasoning and what we assume is Japanese Mayonnaise. Made from mashed potatoes and meat makes a sumptuous snack for you and even kids.

Unique and Affordable

This place provides a unique and affordable dining experience. The snack house is quite small. With just around seven tables with wooden interiors and the upland cool weather gives it an aura of eating in some small family-owned restaurant in rural Japan.

The Menu

The dishes might look costly, but the menu is on extremely cheap prices making the locals and neighboring people to flock to the snack house.

The way us Filipinos can find and generate happiness out of everything even a simple bowl of noodles. Michael is a self-confessed killer of Ramen. Of course, Ramen isn’t the healthiest thing on earth, it is one of the yummiest foods on earth – and saltiest.

It is a Japanese bowl consisting of Chinese style noodles. Typically wheat noodles served in a warm broth, such as a fish-based broth or a chicken broth. It is either eaten alone or topped with soy sauce, pork, dried seaweed, green onions, and even eggs at times.

The Nabe Yaki Ramen (PHP 130.00) is a delightful dish mixed with corn and vegetables whirling in a tasty broth and were a delightful treat for both the eyes and the palate.

For people who enjoys sweets after an umami dish, Kojiro offers their unique taste of Kafe Jelly (Regular PHP 10.00, Special PHP 15.00). The unusual Cold Champorado (PHP 15.00) and to me it tastes like childhood and feels like a giant bear hug.

Champorado is chocolate-rich breakfast rice porridge of the Filipino table that is traditionally served for breakfast. It’s typically served with tuyo (dried salted fish). As a result of the dried fish part, I didn’t eat champorado as much as I wanted to as a kid. On the occasions when the fish wasn’t around, I devoured bowls and bowls of this chocolatey goodness with a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk on top. Kojiro’s champorado is served cold with powdered milk on the top and yes without tuyo.

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Social, Tips, Map

Cars are allowed in the street portion leading to Kojiro, however, you may need to find another nearby place to park which may be quite hard since road spaces are actually limited.

Kojiro Snack and Food House
Open from Sunday to Friday, 12:00-7:30 PM
last orders for the day will be taken at 7:00 PM

Eating good Japanese food need not be expensive. Do you know of any other Japanese food shacks that serve good food for less than PHP 200.00?


Share your budget-friendly finds in the comments section below!


  • Marah says:

    Oh yess! Kojiro is one of the best! Babalik balikan mo talaga… 🙂

    • Daylight Wanderers says:

      Magandang Umaga Marah!
      Indeed one of the best place to taste
      a homegrown Japanese food in town!
      We simply just cant get enough di ba? (:

      – DW | J

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