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We casually long for fresh air, especially if you’re working around the metro. And this dwelling municipality all the way from the south would always be one of the fastest getaways.

People would drive over the weekend to commit relaxation with this stunning scenery and inhale in the crisp, cool air. Welcome to the home of spectacular view of Taal Volcano – Tagaytay City.

This place would be our Barkada’s preferred escape whenever we long for a quick break from our casual life routine. Certain the fact that we’re both raised as Caviteno, it’s true that Tagaytay has this control to always surprise us – except for the traffic congestion, we’ll never get used to haha! Waze is actually useful in getting away with the wave of weekend heavy traffic. You’ll have the additional road-trip spices along the unfamiliar roads just to escape the pain of the traffic congestion.

A Santorini experience

It’s been years of the rave of these Santorini-like Places in the Philippines, with its modern take on Santorini style accommodation, La Bella is indeed a piece of Santorini in the Philippines you can visit any time of the year.

Welcome to La Bella Boutique Hotel. La Bella is living up to their name (Bella is Italian for beautiful) with the beauty of the entire place as it transports the best of Europe and Asia closer to Manila with their Santorini inspired formations.

The complexity of this staycation location is matched with the abundant presence of tasteful artworks all around the area. It has its own atmosphere, theme, and tastefully curated art designs and crafts.

This 3-hectare property has amenities that include a restaurant, a library, a cafe, a mind and body shop, a fancy cerulean colored community pool, a residential property, and a boutique hotel. La Bella Residences is a diverse leisure development that delivers a space for holistic wellness. There is a suburban area where owners can opt to stay or have it rented out for guests. Meanwhile, the management operates its very own hotel, too. The 4-floor hotel consists of room types that vary from a cozy studio unit to a three-bedroom hotel room with their unique interior designs and ambiance. The architectural design of the buildings and interiors is something you can compare to the houses in Santorini.

El Cocinero

This is the El Cocinero restaurant by Chef Arnaldo that offers Mediterranean and Spanish dishes. It’s open even for the non-guests of La Bella. Chef Arnaldo is a native Batangueño who worked for 14 years in Ibiza, Spain where he developed his passion for cooking and authentic Ibicenca Cuisine. El Cocinero is located inside La Bella Residences, where you can also find an outdoor organic and art market and the Bodhi Mind and Body Shop, a two-story shop full with books and an open deck, allowed for anyone to get access to.

As of writing, La Bella houses two (2) destination restaurants, The Organico Gourmet by Chef Gloria de Vera which serves all-natural organic food and a wide range of healthy food and drink options and El Cocinero restaurant by Chef Arnaldo offers Mediterranean and Spanish dishes where we had our late lunch and merienda of Pasta and Pizza. Both are open even for the non-guests of La Bella.

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Bodhi Café

The newest shop for the mind and body, a gem of a public library in Tagaytay. The word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now known as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”.Almost a thousand books from the personal collection of the owner are available on hand.

Essentially, Bodhi Shop attracts those who seek an easier pathway towards their time to travel to their inner selves to find the perfection inherent in all human souls. They sell these items that are perfect for meditation. Some popular items such as soaps made of pure essential oils, blended with goat’s milk and combined with herbs like fennel, cedar, patchouli, poppyseed, charcoal, and vinegar (which turns your body alkaline) are also available here.

Ultimately, Bodhi Mind & Body Shop is a solemn and relaxing place for anyone who needs serenity and be enlightened.

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We took a walk around the property and we also checked out the famous “glass-walled” cerulean water pool and the Jacuzzis located on the rooftop of the boutique hotel. The view of the rooftop or the Party deck down to its functions room and ballroom. Also, we took time to visit the health and wellness center of the property consider itself as a proponent of health, wellness and leisure living.


Children below seven (7) years young should be accompanied by an adult while diapered infants will not be allowed in the jacuzzi. Diving, running at the jacuzzi premises are strictly prohibited.  Gambling, eating, smoking and drinking intoxicating beverages are strictly not allowed in the jacuzzi perimeter even using breakable glasses or bottles is not allowed inside the area. Pets and other animals are also not allowed within the premises. Bathing suits for women and swimming trunks/shorts without zipper for men. 

The Jacuzzi is open daily from 05:00 to 22:00.

Did you know that Santorini erupts with charm? A volcano embraced by the Aegean, this island-phenomenon in the Cyclades gives its visitors a mythical experience. Did you know that the whole complex of Santorini islands is still an active volcano (the same as Méthana, Mílos, and Nísiros) and probably the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea? The islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of intensive volcanic activity; twelve huge eruptions occurred, one every 20,000 years approximately, and each violent eruption caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part creating a large crater (caldera). The volcano, however, managed to recreate itself repeatedly. La Bella Boutique Hotel though is beside few walks to gaze at a view of the smallest active volcano in the world! What a coincidence right?

Parking is not limited since the property provided 2-level Paid Parking (100 PHP per 24 hours) and there are also few parking slots around the grounds of La Bella. You can do your midnight strolls and snacks as the guests can access the gates 24/7 you just have to issue passes from the security guards and Voila! you can grab your Mushroom Burgers and Batangas Bulalo. Just don’t drink and drive guys and always check your headlights and brakes because you’ll be strolling the busy highway of Tagaytay and Nasugbu. Public transportation outside La Bella is limited after 21:00 or maybe as early as 19:00 though it really depends on the availability of the tricycle outside just beside the guard house, since you’ll be needing tricycle going from the property going to the highway, vice versa.

To the best tourist destination and lifestyle vicinity for everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest

- La Bella Tagaytay


La Bella Boutique Hotel
Always Open

Where did we stay in La Bella?

We booked Bianca’s place on AirBnb. This place is what it is cut out to be. It is very artsy and all artists and enthusiasts would surely love their stay. One day was not enough to fully enjoy our stay. There are board games, books, a flash drive with movies, and appreciating the room itself. You can expect to really feel the personal touch Bianca put in the room that she set up for her guests. Her personal touches here and there, from the personal note to the freebies provided in the unit, were for sure what topped it all. Lastly, her place was so warm and welcoming, it felt like home during the weekend.

Click here to know more about Bianca's Place

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This quick trip to Tagaytay brought good memories. Our New Year’s celebration was made enjoyable by this sweet staycation at La Bella Residences.


  • Tala Martinez says:

    Ganda ng place, looks comfy mag-stay. I like the wall decors din, artistic sila. And the colors, maganda sa eyes.

  • Tala Martinez says:

    Ganda ng place, looks comfy mag-stay. I like the wall decors din, artistic sila. And the colors, maganda sa eyes. I wanna visit this place soon, balik muna ako sa work para may budget, haha =D

  • Yel Salonga says:

    Wiiiii graabeee to! Pangarap kong makapag stay dito. Sobramg ganda

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