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This place is what it is cut out to be. It is artsy.
Even the non-art enthusiasts would surely love their stay.
From the wallpapered comics to plated art crafts and the giant wall clock layout. Indeed, every corner is “Instagram Friendly”

The unit is accessible from the parking area via Emergency exits and thru elevator from the lobby. Standard Check-in and Check out is observed but you can do special arrangements for special occasions like birthdays and anniversary surprises for your loved ones just make it ahead of time.

You can expect to really feel the personal touch that Bianca puts in the room she set up for her guests.

There’s a note beside the door where you can barely notice since your eyes will get too busy wandering the colors around the unit. It provides the Wi-fi name and its password, Tricycle Contact details in case you needed to go outside La Bella via public transportation (Kuya Albert, (0921) 730 9144) and (Kuya Arnold, (0912) 850 4734).

Bianca also posted a breakfast menu beside it (Silog Breakfast Meals)

Umbrellas, Extra foldable beds, Medic Kit, Hangers, even Sewing kits are available in the unit. See how she puts extra effort for overall convenience.

Talking about convenience, the unit’s comfort room is fully geared with all toilet necessities. It has working water heater, bidet, and other bathroom essentials that are curated corner by corner.

The kitchen is exceptional, it has mini refrigerator, induction cooker, operational kitchen wares, microwave oven, electronic water kettle and it includes 1L bottle of mineral water for complimentary! Not to mention the freebies available in the working area in our case its assorted instant coffees and teas.

The dining area and reading area is J’s favorite part of the unit. It has a mirror beside the window where you can have a good selfie shot, colored dinner wares, fancy tabletops, books, and a vanity kit!

She is also selling her handmade necklaces located at the entertainment area.

Her personal touches here and there, from the personal note she gave us to the freebies provided in the unit, were for sure what topped it all.

One day was not enough to fully enjoy a stay. There are board games, books, a flash drive with movies, and appreciating the room itself.


Mediterranean Art Loft Hosted By Bianca Galila

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This Mediterranean Loft by Bianca was so warm and welcoming, it felt like our home during the weekend.

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