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T he discovery on my part was unplanned. We were just supposed to look for a sunny place so we can have our photos for our “About Us” for this website (Yey! you are here! If you want to check the photos I’m talking about please visit our “About Us Section” and Say Hi!).

From Michael’s place in General Trias, Cavite. We drove all the way to the coastal areas of Cavite. Talking about topography, Cavite is divided into four physiographical areas, the lowest lowland, the lowland, the central hilly, and the upland mountainous.

The Municipality of Noveleta Cavite belongs between Lowest Lowland Area and the Lowland area. It is the smallest municipality of the Cavite province. Best accessed through jeeps, and minibusses that frequently ply its major thoroughfares, specifically the roads that lead to Rosario, Bacoor, and Cavite City. Tricycles and pedicabs service the tight and cool back roads of the municipality.

We succeeded to find this humble abode. Adorned with vines and potted plants all over. From outside it’s just a house with a green door ornamented with vines. When we got to that green door, the place managed to surprise us with plants, cactus, flowers, and a lot of gardening stuff that made me feel pleased in an instant.

They cultivate cactus and you can purchase potted cacti. Actually, We have our first cacti placed at Michael’s Room that I got from Tagaytay. It was named after me and that was purely Michael’s not so Evil idea. Nevertheless, this makes me want to take more than a few so Marjorie (our cacti, thus my name) can have her succulent friends.

The Instagrammer meter is at its peak. Those whitewash walls, interiors, and artsy decors, every corner is instagrammable. We’re fortunate that we had our exclusive moments with Secret Haven. Since we arrived during the lean hours of a weekday (14:00-16:00) so we took the chance to have dozens of photos with the place.

Taking a good number of photos requires a lot of energy so we get to recharge ourselves with interesting items on their menu. Each signature dish was named after a popular tourist spot. You can try different items on the menu from the lightest meal to your heavy brunch and won’t be stuck with the same milkshakes and frappuccino.

They use tall glasses and bottles for the beverages and pretty plates and bowls for the food so it’s a yes to your flat lays. They also have comfy pillows, good books, and board games which you can appreciate under hanging light bulbs with friends and families.

If you will bring a car, parking space would be a dilemma. In that case, you’ll park outside the subdivision instead, just make sure to bring your valuables or put it in your trunk, and please do not forget your car keys inside.


Social, Tips and Map

Secret Haven
12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Open from Mondays to Sundays.

For inquiries: (046) 527 2336


Jordan Estate Subdivision, San Jose II

Noveleta, Cavite

We all love discovering secret spots, hidden hangouts, private hideaways. What’s your latest food discovery?

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