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T his “no-longer-a-secret” spot is Sushi Ninja, a Japanese restaurant placed among the collections of shops sits quietly in the middle of Westgate Complex in Alabang. The area is quiet and chill. No one has been speaking about this place because of preconceptions towards location most probably or people from the South would just like to save this humble restaurant for themselves LOL.

Mr. Matt Floro Tanjuakio, opened Sushi Ninja last 2016. The people from the South started patronizing his restaurant from its 1st month of opening. He learned and practiced sushi-making at the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles California. Carrying its principles back home in the Philippines.

Warehouse-style interiors, overhead wooden lamp crates. Ninja blades stuck randomly across the room. Pop art vinyl complementing and creating a laid back and minimalist Japanese ambiance. This modern Japanese restaurant features a lot of exclusive interiors at it reflects the uniqueness of their food.

Although the Japanese gets the full credit for what we call Sushi today. The inspiration for Sushi is supposed to have started in Southeast Asia. Sushi invented outside of Japan. Nare-zushi, a fermented fish wrapped in sour rice. Originated someplace around the Mekong River before spreading into China and later Japan. The modern-day idea of sushi was created in Japan by Hanaya Yohei when about the end of the Edo period sometime in the mid-1800s.

Sushi servings are generous and big. Sushi Ninja is a pioneer in bringing their signature dish the Toshi, which is inspired by the owner’s Chef Sensei. Deep fried balls of Sushi with generous toppings. A must try is Okinawa Toshi, a deep-fried Sushi with cream cheese on the inside, topped with torched salmon and fish roe with a hint of truffle oil.

 Toshi balls may be overpowering so we suggest you share this with a group. One or two pieces is enough per person. Most people will love or disdain this dish, but you’ll be the judge since the taste of Truffle Oil is not familiar to most of Filipino palate.

Maki Rolls Are a Work of Art.

Forget the standard “California Maki Roll” found at any cheap sushi outlets. The ingredients for real sushi rolls are chosen by masters so that the taste, texture, and even colors complement each other. Rolls are served already sliced into disks so that customers can see the artistic work inside.



My personal favorite and my consistent recommendation every time I’m inviting and dining at Sushi Ninja is tadaaaaaah!!! SAKURA MAKI!! (Yes I’m screaming while writing this haha)

Sakura Maki (PHP 480.00)
Salmon, Tamago, Cream Cheese, Spicy Mayo and Bonito Flakes.

Sushi Ninja’s modern take on Sushi varieties are interesting. They still manage to not go overboard with their interpretation keeping what is essential to every piece and not compromising to what makes a good Sushi dish.

Did you know???

Sushi began as cheap fast food, yes you heard it right – Cheap.

Once upon a time, sushi didn’t require a platinum credit card to enjoy. Sushi fixed on originally as a cheap, quick snack to eat with the hands while enjoying a theater performance – Okay adios Popcorn!

Sushi Ninja’s menu is designed to highlight the main attraction of their restaurant. With an extensive variety of both traditional and contemporary take on Sushi. Quite extensive with varieties of both traditional and modern Japanese food, which can be a risky move since most people are nitpickers for the traditional.

ALLERGY STATEMENT: Menu items may contain or come into contact with certain allergens like but not limited to SOY BEANS. FISH. SHELLFISH, GLUTEN. WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS and MILK.

This restaurant is not loud and demanding because it let its customers advocate how good their dishes are on behalf of them. As a result, the risk seems to have paid off since a lot of people come by the restaurant even off-hours.

Sushi Ninja has become a go-to restaurant for those folks who live down south when they want to satisfy their want for good and fresh sushi.



Sushi Ninja has its

“BRING YOUR OWN” “Bags, Cup, and All Containers” Rule.

This is to take part in protecting our environment. What more cool is that you can have 5% Discount on your TAKE-OUT TRANSACTION!!! Yes!!


Now, heading to the south might seem a little too much effort for Japanese food, but for the determined Japanese food enthusiasts, this might be worth a try. Best drop by on a weekday or off hours on the weekend.


  • Eljo.largo says:

    Ang yummy 😍😍 magugutom ka habang nagbabasa ng article na to 💛💛

    • Daylight Wanderers says:

      Magandang Araw Eljo!
      Yaaaas sobrang yummy and worth it! Do you love Sushi and Sashimi din ba? Sushi Ninja is the best place to go for these yummy rolls and freshest seafood cut!

      – DW | J

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