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If you don’t have the budget to fly to Italy, worry not as Thailand has Palio in Khao Yai

P alio Khao Yai is an Italian-themed shopping hub in the heart of Thailand’s wine territory. Palio stands out from its surroundings with its charming houses colored in warm earthy tones. You’ll be stumbled in by the village’s Italian-inspired architecture.

Captivating countryside charm.

Walk further inside and you might just forget that you’re still in Thailand! Palio Khao Yai is a shopping street inspired by Tuscany Village features. Colorful stores with sunshade in a bright and vibrant pattern that will be perfect for photos. The walkway itself is picture-worthy feels like you’re really within the Italian countryside.

The designers went out of their way to recreate the feeling of wandering through a small town in Tuscany, complete with a clock tower, baroque-style buildings wrapped in ivy, a shaped garden, and a replica of the famous Bocca Della Verità (“Mouth of Truth”) carving in Rome.

Take a relaxing stroll through the passages and you’ll pass by boutiques, gift shops, cafés, and other dining outlets. Unlike what you can find in your usual shopping malls, most of the products sold here are handmade and not mass-produced.

As for what to eat; there is a range of options to suit different budgets. The atmosphere is best felt in the central Piazza Palio, where a few bars and coffee shops surround a fountain and classical music is channeled in through hidden speakers. It’s a captivating experience.

Café Firenze

We took our post-lunch at this Italian serving restaurant located at Central Piazza Palio. Café Firenze serves Coffee, Pizza, Pastas, and even Burgers, Pork Spareribs, and Salmon Steaks. We’re all satisfied with our Carbonara, Spaghetti with Bacon in Tomato Sauce and Pineapple topped pizza! Just don’t forget to bring your own drinking water because bottled water will cost you extra baht.

Palio is a place that shows not much resemblance to Thailand. Still, the hot tropical weather that drives you to have a cool drink at one of the sidewalk cafés.

A lot of these stalls only open on weekends so try to visit on weekends to have the full Palio experience which includes the crowds. Also wear your best OOTDs, charge your camera, and get ready to take lots of photos.


Thanarat Rd, Mu Si, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 30130, Thailand.
Always Open
While still dreaming of traveling to Italy, Palio Khao Yai is a full Mediterranean experience with the statues, fountains, cobblestones bridges, boulder walls, and pots full of flowers in the heart of Thailand.


What’s your dream destination?


  • Hannah Doque says:

    My dream destination is anywhere in Europe ✨✨✨ I love this feature! You can really feel the Italian vibes.

    • Daylight Wanderers says:

      Magandang Araw Hannah!
      We all love and dream to travel especially the streets of Europe!
      Not to mention the beauty of the architecture and rich history and oh the food!
      This place in Khao Yai will surely give that Italian Vibe even though you’re on the other side of Europe!

      Looking forward to traveling again when this pandemic ends.
      For now, let us all stay healthy and safe!

      Soon We will travel again!

      – DW | J

    • Honey Mae says:

      Italy is one of my dream destination to be travel with, together with my family .. 😍 hopefully soon I can make it . . thanks for sharing this . ☺️

  • Angie Sab says:

    Beautiful Village! Hope to visit there too! I want to compliment the photos and the very comprehensive blog! ❤️

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